“Rainy days and Mondays always get me…” UP

The Carpenters may be unto something when they sang “rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” According to Psychology Today, the decreased amount of sunlight can result in melancholy. Light helps your body produces serotonin, a mood enhancer, and without enough light people can suffer SAD – “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Symptoms include loss of energy, inability to focus and cravings for bad carbohydrates.

How to combat rainy day blues. Image Credit: pixdaus.com

The weather forecast for New York City spells rain. It will rain today and tomorrow. So What should you do to stay cheerful?

Here are some happy habits to keep in mind to help you tide over the bad weather.

Be with happy people. Hang out with your friends, roommates, Smile, laugh and have a good time.

The small things, like ice cream. Happiness is about appreciating simple, easy-to-come-by pleasures. Anything goes. But I am just saying that I won’t say no to ice cream.

Get “carried away.” Read, draw, whatever — the important thing is to immerse yourself in an activity that is invigorating, challenging and enjoyable.

p.s. The Twitter blog has taken our tweeting data and compiled the following charts. Findings include the following: people  are more likely to feel sad on a Sunday, happy in the second half of the year and at their happiest in December. 


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