Learn from the Best “How to Get the Most out of Everyday”

These days, it appears that there is a checklist for everything — morning tasks, dating tips, story ideas, travel, wedding and more. There is even a Bestseller called The Checklist Manifesto. Simply put, checklists not only help simplify our lives (you can channel your brain power to more creative, demanding tasks), they also give us a sense of accomplishment. I admit that I always feel a rush of adrenaline whenever I check off something that I have to do.

“Interview [Name] at 11 a.m.”.

Check. Oh boy, that feels good.

Studies have shown that happiness is linked to productivity.

  • Andrew Oswald, a professor of economics at Warwick Business School (United Kingdom), finds that “Happier workers… were 12% more productive. Unhappier workers were 10% less productive.” (The Guardian)
  • Gallup tells us that happy people are 31% more productive, suffers 23% fewer fatigue symptoms and 10% more engaged and work. 

But the reverse is also true: productivity makes us happy. Work for most of us is a big part of our lives. Getting recognized and knowing that we are capable of performing our best and beyond makes us feel awful good about ourselves. This week, reduce stress by increasing productivity.

Learn from the best. CEO tells how to increase efficiency. Image Credit: rabidoofficemonkey.com

In this Forbes article, Bill Trenchard summarizes 7 ways for a CEO to stop wasting time. Here are 4 of my favorites that you and I can benefit from.

  1. Say No to connect. It is hard to say “No,” but sometimes, you just don’t have the time for that cup of “quick coffee”. Do it nicely but don’t be wishy-washy. You said “No,” the door is closed.
  2. Make a priority box for your emails. First, separate your emails into “important” v. “unimportant”. Second, tackle the “important” batch in an orderly fashion. Ask yourself — Is this an email I can tackle in two minutes? If so, respond immediately. If not, move it into your task manager and deal with it later.
  3. Leave yourself time to exercise and relax. Take lunch break, walk to work, do the seven-minute workout.
  4. Write things down. Ideas, execution, memos — writing things down keeps you organized. Plus, you might get a really good idea.

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