Uni-‘corny’? Mashable calls Paris Hilton’s new music video torture to unicorns

Laughing is good for you, but corny? How about uni-corny?

While researchers have not reached a conclusion whether the act of laughing actually makes people feel better, a good sense of humor and positive attitude sure don’t hurt. Hence, I feel obligated to re-share a Mashable story on Paris Hilton’s newest ‘unicorny’ music video. After watching the video (I am sorry, I couldn’t help it!), I agree with reporter Brian Anthony Hernandez wholeheartedly — “unicorns everywhere wept after watching Paris Hilton torture one of their own kind in… ‘Come Alive’ music video.”

Lisa Frank’s unicorn (image credit courtesy of Lisa Frank/weheartit.com)

The majestic creature was described by 5th century Greek physician and historian Ctesias as: white, powerful creatures with red heads, dark blue eyes and singular, multi-colored, foot-and-a-half-long horns.

And modern unicorns, like Lisa Frank’s unicorns, is resplendent in its rainbow-y, colorful splendor. The company, founded in 1979, has since become a global franchise of stationary and merchandise.

Another modern unicorn is Beanie Babies Mystic the Unicorn.

“Once upon a time so far away
A unicorn was born one day in May
Keep Mystic with you, she’s a prize
You’ll see the magic in her blue eyes!”

And Rapidash, a fire-type Pokémon that was part of the craze in the ’90s.

Oh, and check out these mind-blowing unicorn products. Unicorns are great, I love rainbows too. But seriously, some ideas just don’t work.

Unicorn USBs?

Unicorn USB (image courtesy of of Hemingwayfun/Etsy)

Unicorn key holder thingy?

OMGUnicorn Keys (image courtesy of thinkgeek.com)

Unicorn pencil sharpener? Oh hell no. All these gut-twisting uni-abomination just goes to prove that unicorns are mystical creatures that were never meant to be ‘real.’

Unicorn pencil sharpener (image credit courtesy of GamaGo)



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