Hello, my name is Sherry. Welcome to my blog, an anxiety-free zone.

A journalist cursed with wanderlust (27 countries and growing), I am interested in writing about travel, food and culture. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, my works have been published in World JournalLiberty Times,  and Bedford & Bowery. I grew up in California and recently moved to New York (Aug. 2013). From I-hate-apartment-hunting to falling in love with the city, I am still bright-eyed, curious and excited. 


became a New Yorker when I …

Pronounced Houston St. How-ston and not Houston.

Began a conversation with weather-talk.

Cringed at the thought of going to Times Square.

But I became a true New Yorker the moment when my sister asked me if I want a juicer, my first thought was: Can I get oranges delivered to me?

Living in the city can be stressful (Stress with a capital “S“). My blog looks into what makes the city stressful and ways to combat that.

BREATHE DEEPLY, and carry on!



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